cropped-img_2562This blog is a compilation of the curious thoughts that run through my head on any given day!

In particular, I love playing with perspectives and techniques. I also write fiction novels. This site is a place for my shorter fiction, poetry, and creative writing. Enjoy, leave a comment, and follow to get e-mails about new posts!

Always write; always express yourself.


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As you explore my blog you may notice that some pieces are tagged and linked to YeahWrite.me  This is a virtual community of writers with prompted writing boards every week and competitions throughout the year. If you’re a writer looking to keep in the writing groove and join a community of fellow writers, I recommend it! Weekly challenges are free to participate!

Looking for ruminations on RECYCLING AND ENVIRONMENTAL TOPICS? Check out my other blog WebofGaia.wordpress.com

ALSO PUBLISHED by Stephanie Bradshaw: posts on The Post Calvin (nonfiction) and The Presticogitations (fiction), as well as Dialogue a creative writing journal for students of Calvin College and the campus newspaper, Chimes.

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